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FAQs Hi Tech (Hanover, MD)

FAQs for Rising Tide Hi Tech Gracie/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Self-Defense Martial Arts

What should I wear to my first class?

You do not need to have your own uniform to participate in your first class. Wear your normal gym attire for your first class (shorts, sweat pants, T-shirt, etc.). We will provide you with a jiu jitsu uniform (gi, pants, belt) once you start training with us. We also offer Rising Tide branded gear that you can purchase. 

What can I expect in my first lesson?

In your first introductory lesson, you will be given a tour of the facility and one of our friendly instructors will ask you to fill out an information sheet where you will specify your martial arts goals.

Adult students typically feel confident jumping directly into group classes. However, if an adult is feeling a bit apprehensive about stepping onto the mat, we highly recommend trying a 30-minute private lesson.

In your first group lesson, you will be partnered with a qualified instructor, or a senior student, not a new student. This approach ensures your safety and maximizes your understanding of the lesson. Your instructor will teach fundamental techniques so you fully comprehend what Gracie jiu jitsu self-defense is all about!

We guarantee an informative and safely conducted class where you will have fun and instantly be hooked on Gracie jiu-jitsu!

How much do lessons cost?

There are different pricing options depending on your needs. Before your first class, we will go over your personal goals and schedule to create a training program that best fits your budget and personal needs. Because we offer multiple membership options, students have flexibility in choosing the membership that suits their needs.

We do not believe in hard sales pitches or pressuring people to join.

How often are your classes held and what is your schedule like?

We offer 35 classes over seven days a week, for all levels and throughout the day in the afternoon and evening. We offer women’s only and Muay Thai classes and as the number of students grow, so will the number of classes.

Do I need to be in shape before I start Training jiu-jitsu or Muay Thai lessons?

Many people believe they need to be an athlete to participate in martial arts. Our all-levels classes are structured for people with little to no experience in any martial art. Gracie jiu jitsu is based on proper timing, technique, and leverage. Students do not need to be in excellent physical condition to have success with our program. In fact, training with us WILL definitely help you get in much better shape! We have multiple students who have lost over a 100 pounds due to the workout.

You will most definitely achieve a better physique and increased confidence in yourself over time, but you will never be expected to push yourself to the point of physical exhaustion. If new students are pushed too hard, they are likely to feel as though they cannot keep up and that the class is too advanced for them. It is our job to build you up, not break you down. This is the Gracie way!

How long are jiu jitsu classes?

Kids classes are 45 minutes long. Adult classes are one hour or 1.5 hours. Each class includes warm up exercises and self-defense drills; instruction in different techniques, submissions, sweeps, etc.; and at least 15-20 minutes for instructor supervised rolling or sparring with training partners and other instructors.

Do women and men train together in jiu jitsu and Muay Thai?

We have women’s only classes where women can train with other women and learn from a qualified instructor about self-defense techniques that work best for challenges that women may face.

We do encourage our students to train with as many different types of partners as possible, especially as the student progress through the curriculum. That includes men and women, bigger and smaller students, and novice and advanced students. If someone is uncomfortable with training or rolling with someone from the opposite sex, they by no means have to.

If I primarily train in at Hi Tech in Hanover, can I train at the Columbia and/or Finksburg locations (or vice versa)?

Yes, definitely. Membership at Hi Tech allows students to train in all Rising Tide locations, Hi Tech/Hanover, Columbia, and Finksburg. In fact, we encourage our students to train with various types of partners. The more exposure you get to different training partners and instructors, the more likely your jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, and self-defense will improve.

All Rising Tide Hi Tech Staff and Instructors are ready to answer your questions!