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Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Self-Defense Instructors at Hi Tech (Hanover, MD)

Meet our Muay Thai Instructors

Jeff rth

Jeff Bozier

Jeff Bozier, Jr. embarked on his journey in combative sports back in 2005, gradually intensifying his training regimen by 2010. Jeff's dedication led him through an immersive experience in various disciplines such as mixed martial arts, kickboxing, Thai, and traditional boxing. During the initial phase of his journey, he explored multiple aspects of combat sports before refining his focus exclusively to traditional boxing.

In 2017, Jeff achieved global recognition when he secured a spot among the world's top 10 amateur kickboxers according to the International Kickboxing Federation. This accomplishment underscored his prowess in the sport. His dedication and skill were exemplified by clinching three amateur kickboxing titles, in addition to claiming numerous jiu-jitsu medals and other notable honors.

In 2018, Jeff found his stride at the Upton Boxing Center, channeling his energy into boxing. Demonstrating remarkable potential, he entered the Open Golden Gloves 159 Division and clinched victory in the open division, an impressive feat considering his limited amateur boxing experience at the time. Jeff's achievements continued to expand as he ventured into professional boxing, while also harboring aspirations to make a mark in the realm of MMA.

Enthusiastic about the emerging generation of athletes who are redefining sports, Jeff Bozier, Jr. eagerly anticipates contributing to the ongoing growth and evolution of combat sports. His journey stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment and unbridled passion for mastering various fighting disciplines.

Whether you're looking to hone your striking skills, master the art of the eight limbs, or step into the world of mixed martial arts, Jeff Bozier is the coach who'll guide, challenge, and inspire you every step of the way. Join him to embark on a martial arts journey that promises growth, grit, and glory.



Justin Granger

Justin is an experienced and dedicated Muay Thai practitioner, with over a decade of training under his belt and 5+ years of teaching experience. Having had some trained in Thailand, he has an understanding of the authentic techniques and principles of the discipline. 

As a fighter, Justin has a 2-2 record, which attests to his skill level and dedication in the ring. As a teacher, he prides himself on focusing on the fundamentals of Muay Thai – balance, footwork, and solid structure. Through his teaching, Justin aims to help his students develop a strong foundation that will allow them to progress and excel in the sport. His approach is always patient and supportive, and he deeply values creating a positive and inclusive community within the gym. 

For Justin, Muay Thai is more than just a sport. He is greatly committed to continuing his own training and education, and is always looking for new ways to deepen his understanding of this incredible discipline.


Darius Sheffield

Meet Darius Sheffield, a dedicated Muay Thai enthusiast with many years of intense martial arts training under his belt. Having honed his skills in the ring, Darius boasts of two hard-earned amateur titles, showcasing his commitment and prowess in the sport. 

But what truly sets Darius apart is his unwavering passion for teaching. He thrives on watching his students, especially the younger ones, evolve and sharpen their skills. Every kick, punch, and knee they throw reflects his deep-seated belief in their potential to excel. "I love teaching because I love watching people improve," says Darius, whose words echo the sentiments of every student he's impacted.

With a vision and a dream, Darius aspires to rank among the top striking coaches in the DMV region. Come learn and grow under his expert guidance, and be a part of his journey towards achieving this esteemed goal.


Christian De La Cruz

Dive into the world of Muay Thai with Christian, an adept martial artist whose dedication to the art form is evident in every session he leads. With years of training and experience, Christian brings a balance of tradition and innovation to his teaching style.

Christian's passion for Muay Thai and commitment to his students is undeniable. Under his guidance, you'll not only learn the core techniques of the "Art of Eight Limbs" but also the philosophy and discipline that underpins this ancient martial art.

Whether you're a novice eager to step into the ring or a seasoned fighter looking to refine your skills, Christian provides a nurturing environment where every punch, kick, elbow, and knee is a step towards mastery. Train with Christian and embrace the transformative power of Muay Thai.