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Muay Thai Classes at Rising Tide Hi Tech (Hanover)

Experience the Power and Grace of Muay Thai at Rising Tide Hi Tech

Discover Muay Thai: The Art of Eight Limbs
Embark on a journey with Rising Tide Hi Tech as we introduce you to the captivating world of Muay Thai. Originating from Thailand, this martial art is a formidable striking system utilizing punches, kicks, elbows, and knees. Renowned for its rigorous conditioning, Muay Thai emphasizes practical techniques ideal for self-defense.

Your Path from Beginner to Advanced Practitioner
Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to guide you from the fundamentals to advanced techniques. At Rising Tide Hi Tech, we lay a solid foundation focusing on technique, while boosting your power, speed, and overall conditioning. Classes blend shadowboxing, pad work, heavy bag training, and sparring, fostering skill development in a nurturing environment.

Transformative Benefits Beyond the Mat
Joining our Muay Thai program means embarking on a transformational journey. Here, you'll not only enhance your physical strength and conditioning but also acquire invaluable self-defense skills. Expect to see improvements in your fitness, weight management, and a boost in mental resilience.

A Class for Every Level
Whether you’re just starting or an experienced fighter, our class structure caters to all. With beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, each student can progress at their own pace. Our seasoned instructors are dedicated to offering personalized guidance, ensuring you achieve your martial arts goals.

Our Commitment: Building Confident Martial Artists
At Rising Tide Hi Tech, our aim is to cultivate well-rounded, confident martial artists. Muay Thai is more than physical prowess; it’s a journey in mental toughness and discipline. We instill values of focus and respect, extending beyond the gym into everyday life.

What to Expect in Class
Each session starts with a calisthenic and technique warm-up, followed by a coached heavy bag workout. You'll learn fundamental striking techniques with variations, and engage in light play-sparring games under instructor supervision.

Equip Yourself for Success
To enhance your training experience, we offer high-quality gloves, shin guards, and headgear for purchase at our academy.

Join Us at Rising Tide Hi Tech
Ready to explore the dynamic world of Muay Thai? Join our community at Rising Tide Hi Tech, where we’re committed to providing a fun, challenging, and rewarding training environment.

Advance Sparring Video


Objective: Equip adult learners with the necessary skills and knowledge in Muay Thai, progressing from foundational techniques to advanced combinations and strategies, with a focus on discipline, fitness, and respect for the art.


Level 1: Foundation

1. Introduction to Muay Thai
   - History and origins
   - Basic terminology

2. Conditioning and Warm-Up
   - Cardio drills (running, skipping)
   - Fundamental stretches
   - Basic strength training (push-ups, squats, planks)

3. Muay Thai Stance & Footwork
   - Establishing a solid stance
   - Basic footwork patterns

4. Basic Techniques
   - Punches: Jab, cross
   - Kicks: Teep (front push kick), low roundhouse
   - Defense: Parrying punches, checking kicks


Level 2: Intermediate Development

1. Advanced Conditioning
   - Plyometrics
   - Heavy bag drills
   - Circuit training

2. Technique Refinement
   - Punches: Hook, uppercut
   - Kicks: Middle and high roundhouse, switch kick
   - Elbows: Horizontal, upward, downward
   - Knees: Straight knee, curved knee

3. Defense and Countering
   - Evading and countering techniques
   - Basic clinch techniques and defenses

4. Introduction to Combinations
   - Basic offensive combinations
   - Defensive-to-offensive transitions


Level 3: Advanced Mastery

1. Elite Conditioning
   - Endurance training
   - Strength and resistance training specific to Muay Thai

2. Advanced Combinations and Strategies
   - Complex offensive and defensive sequences
   - Fakes, feints, and advanced footwork

3. Clinch Mastery
   - Advanced clinch positions
   - Throws and sweeps from the clinch
   - Clinch strategies for offense and defense

4. Sparring and Real-World Application
   - Controlled sparring sessions
   - Scenario-based training
   - Understanding of fight strategies and adapting to different opponents


Level 4: Expertise and Specialization

1. Fight Preparation and Strategy
   - Diet, weight cutting, and nutrition
   - Mental preparation and visualization
   - Tailoring strategies to specific opponents

2. Advanced Sparring
   - Full-contact sparring (with safety precautions)
   - Emphasis on timing, precision, and fight IQ

3. Deep Dive into Muay Thai Culture
   - Deeper understanding of Wai Kru and Ram Muay
   - Respecting traditions and rituals in Muay Thai
   - The significance of the armbands and headbands (Mongkol and Pra Jiad)

4. Teaching and Passing On Knowledge
   - Basics of instructing and coaching
   - Understanding different learning styles
   - Guiding the next generation of Muay Thai practitioners


Safety remains a priority at every level. Regularly inspecting and updating equipment, and ensuring a proper understanding of techniques before advancing, is crucial.

Come join us and discover the art of Muay Thai!

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