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Kids Muay Thai Classes in Hanover, MD

Kids Muay Thai at Rising Tide Hi Tech in Hanover, MD 

The martial are Muay Thai, translates into "Thai Boxing,".  The art originated in Thailand and is a combat sport related to kickboxing and prevalent in mixed mixed martial arts. The sport has gained notoriety over recent decades. Muay Thai is also known as the“Art of Eight Limbs” due to it employing the use of stand up striking with fists, legs, elbows, and knees to attack an opponent. This martial art is known for its unique approaches to clinching, effective use of calculated timing, and reliance on the entire body, especially the hips, to generate powerful strikes. 

Muay Thai is well known for its effective offensive striking techniques, but it is also perfect for students of all ages who want to get stronger, lose weight, improve their conditioning, and learn self-defense. Our adult and kids’ classes focus on teaching the traditional Muay Thai system through a variety of drills and games including partner pad work, bag drills, block returns, and footwork drills. 

Our younger students are encouraged to take part in light, technical sparring to apply techniques and strategies, but they are not required to spar. Sparring is always optional; students are encouraged to spar when they feel ready and will be partnered with someone of comparable skill, strength, and size. Safety is the primary goal and not head strikes are permitted during sparring.  Our Muay Thai program is designed for students at all levels of skill and fitness. Whether you want to compete, learn self-defense techniques, or mainly practice Muay Thai to get into better shape, our program is for you! 

Our students who train both jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai develop into a near complete martial artist as Muay Thai helps to develop a deep standup game, while jiu-jitsu helps to develop confidence that enables all aspects of fighting.  

Equipment including gloves, shin guards, and head gear is provided by the academy. 

Our Muay Thai program... 

 Class Structure

Kids Muay Thai Curriculum

Objective: Introduce children to the basics of Muay Thai in a safe, fun, and structured environment, emphasizing discipline, respect, and self-improvement.

Level 1: Introduction to Muay Thai

1. Warm-Up and Conditioning
   - Basic stretches (arm circles, leg stretches, neck rotations)
   - Jump rope for coordination
   - Shadowboxing with basic footwork

2. Muay Thai Stance & Movement
   - Basic stance introduction
   - Forward, backward, left, and right movement
   - Importance of balance

3. Basic Strikes
   - Jab and cross (punches)
   - Teep (front push kick)
   - Roundhouse kick (low)

4. Defense Techniques
   - Basic parry of punches
   - Checking a low kick

5. Discipline and Respect
   - Muay Thai Wai Kru (simplified version)
   - Importance of showing respect to instructors and peers

Level 2: Intermediate Techniques

1. Warm-Up and Conditioning
   - Advanced stretching techniques
   - Clinch work drills for strength
   - Agility ladder for footwork

2. Combinations
   - Jab, cross, roundhouse
   - Teep, jab, cross
   - Defensive moves followed by counters

3. Advanced Strikes
   - Hooks and uppercuts
   - Elbows (horizontal and uppercut)
   - Knee strikes

4. Defense and Countering
   - Evading punches and kicks
   - Basic clinch defense

5. Muay Thai History and Philosophy
   - Introduction to the origins of Muay Thai
   - The importance of the warrior spirit and perseverance

Level 3: Advanced Techniques and Sparring

1. Warm-Up and Conditioning
   - Plyometric exercises
   - Strength training with resistance bands
   - Sparring drills

2. Advanced Combinations
   - Combining punches, kicks, knees, and elbows in sequences
   - Introduction to fakes and feints

3. Clinch Techniques
   - Basic throws from the clinch
   - Knee strikes from the clinch

4. Controlled Sparring
   - Light contact sparring with a partner (with protective gear)
   - Emphasis on technique, control, and safety

5. Muay Thai Culture
   - Deep dive into the Wai Kru and its significance
   - Respecting the journey, from training to fighting

*Note: Safety is paramount. All kids should be equipped with the proper protective gear (shin guards, mouthguards, gloves, and headgear) when practicing. Sparring should always be supervised by an instructor and done with the utmost care to ensure no child gets hurt.*