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Kids Muay Thai Classes in Hanover, MD

Kids Muay Thai at Rising Tide Hi Tech in Hanover, MD 

Kids Muay Thai at Rising Tide Hi Tech, Hanover, MD - The Art of Eight Limbs

Embark on a Muay Thai Adventure
Discover the dynamic world of Muay Thai at Rising Tide Hi Tech! Known as the “Art of Eight Limbs,” this martial art hailing from Thailand is an exciting way for kids to learn stand-up striking using fists, legs, elbows, and knees. Our program emphasizes clinching, timing, and using the whole body to generate powerful strikes.

A Program for All Ages and Levels
From the basics for beginners to advanced techniques, our Kids Muay Thai classes cater to all skill levels. We focus on traditional Muay Thai training through a variety of drills and games, including pad work, bag drills, block returns, and footwork drills.

Light, Technical Sparring for Skill Application
Sparring is optional but encouraged when students feel ready. We prioritize safety and ensure that students of comparable skill, strength, and size are paired together. There are no head strikes permitted during sparring sessions, keeping safety as our primary goal.

Benefits of Muay Thai Training
Students who train in both Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai become well-rounded martial artists, developing confidence in both stand-up and ground fighting. Our Muay Thai program focuses on:

Class Structure

Kids Muay Thai Curriculum

Level 1: Introduction to Muay Thai

Level 2: Intermediate Techniques

Level 3: Advanced Techniques and Sparring

Safety and Respect: Core of Our Training
Safety is paramount in our classes. We ensure all kids are equipped with proper protective gear and that sparring is always supervised for a safe and nurturing learning environment.

Join us at Rising Tide Hi Tech for an enriching Muay Thai journey!